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Access to Free WiFi on the Gold Coast means you can share photos with friends and family. There are many locations with Free WiFi on the Gold Coast including many cafes, pubs and coffee shops. There is even a park with Free WiFi on the Gold Coast. Then what could possibly be better than Free WiFi?

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Problems with Free WiFi on the Gold Coast

“No Free WiFi”

One of the biggest problems with free WiFi is the lack of it. There is never enough Free WiFi locations, even in the heart of the Gold Coast. The range of WiFi is limited, particularly more so when you are using a mobile device like a phone or tablet. This means you typically need to be within 30m of the WiFi hotspot.


Have you ever tried to use free WiFi at a shopping centre or cafe, but it is so slow. So slow you can’t even load a basic web page. Don’t even think about watching a video.

Limited Data

Do you want fries with that free WiFi?
If you have ever tried to use the free WiFi service at a popular fast food chain, you will quickly find a major limitation. Uploading your latest photos or videos of Surfers Paradise beach will quickly come to a screaming halt. That’s right there is limit to how much free WiFi data you can use. The limit by today’s standards is quite small, around a dozen pictures from a recent iPhone or similar phone. If you need to send or upload more pictures than this, you need to save lower resolution versions or go elsewhere.

What’s Better than Free WiFi on the Gold Coast?

The WiFi that you can access for just $2!
Not $2 an hour, a day or a week. No this deal is much better than that.

Access thousands of WiFi hotspots on the Gold Coast for seven months or until 27th of March 2018 for just $2.

Waiting for the “Got Ya”?
Time Share anyone?

No, none of those. There are conditions, but they are very reasonable. Indeed many people won’t even need to spend $2 as they will already qualify. The service I speak of is the Telstra Air Network. You may be familiar with the pink Telstra payphones that can be found in popular  and particularly tourist locations throughout the Gold Coast. Indeed there are at least five just in Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise. The pink payphones are just some of the locations providing access to the Telstra Air Network. Others include some Telstra stores and thousands of homes from Yatala to Coolangatta.

Connection speeds vary greatly depending on type of Telstra Air hotspot you are connecting to, how many other people are using that particular hotspot and in some case, where it is located.

  • Telstra Pink Payphones
    Typically provide 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. The stunning exceptions are the ones around Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise, where we have obtained 25Mbps down and 31Mbps up.
  • Telstra Stores
    These can vary greatly. Outside the store at Pacific Fair Broadbeach we obtained 33Mbps down and 48Mbps up. This compares well to the 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up outside the store in Stockland Burleigh Heads Shopping Centre. Still this is better than the Telstra store at The Pines Elanora, where there is no service. Users have reported speeds as high 210Mbps down and 170Mbps up at other stores in the region. This very impressive result was from the store at Westfield Chermside.
  • Domestic WiFi Hotspots
    Many residential Telstra fixed line broadband customers have Telstra Air WiFi hotspots in their homes. This allows visitors and people walking past in the street to access the Telstra Air Network without impacting on the residential customer’s quota. The system is also designed to have limited impact on the speeds obtained by the residential customer when using their home network. As a result only one Telstra Air user at a time can connect to these hotspots and the speeds are limited to a maximum of 2Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

How to Access the Telstra Air Network for $2

To access the Telstra Air Network you need to have a suitable Telstra service and have a registered account. This includes the Telstra Pre-paid mobile broadband, which has starter kits available from $2. You can obtain these starter kits from most major supermarkets, post offices and of course Telstra stores.


Declaration of Related Party Interests

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement. Mi Marketing Pty Ltd, the parent company of Mi Tech Support, has not received any remuneration or benefit in kind for the publishing of this article. Mi Marketing Pty Ltd does use Telstra services on a commercial basis and at market rates. At the time of publication none of the directors or shareholders of Mi Marketing Pty Ltd held shares in Telstra, however it is likely that their superannuation and/or managed funds did hold shares in Telstra.

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