Website Redesign Gold Coast

Website redesign Gold Coast: for businesses wanting to update or rebuild their existing website. Is your current business website broken, not working on mobile phones, looking very dated or lacking the features you want? Now might be the time to have your website redesigned to meet your Gold Coast business needs now and into the future. A website redesign presents many great opportunities to improve your business marketing and interaction with your customers. For established businesses, a website redesign is not without risks. With over 15 years experience with website redesign we know what is important.

Website Redesign Gold Coast

Website Redesign - Advantages

There can be many advantages for Gold Coast businesses to have their website redesigned. Our professional website redesign services are based on the WordPress system. The WordPress system is the most popular website design and development platform in the world and with good reason. Using our website redesign procedures and the WordPress platform we can provide many advantages. Here are some of the key ones:

Mobile Support

Many existing websites don't support or provide a quality experience when used on a mobile phone. It is critically important for a website to operate well on mobile devices, particularly phones. More people in Australia access web sites via their mobile phone, than desktop or laptop computer. Mobile Support and performance is key SEO factor with Google ranking pages based on their mobile website user experience and performance.

More Features

With the a website redesign there is the opportunity to add new features to a business website such as an online appointment booking system or customer surveys. These options were available on previous platforms, but they may have required substantial custom code or there may have been a limited range of pre-build systems. Either way the cost of implementation and maintenance was generally higher and the options fewer than those available on the WordPress ecosystem.

More Social

While it is important for a business to have a social media presence, social media also opens the opportunity for your customers to be more interactive on your website. Ideally you can encourage customers to create new relevant content for your website. This content can be in the form of product reviews or general product questions. This can be really great new content for Google to index.

Easier To Stay Fresh

Google ranks websites not just on their content, but how fresh the content is. Content that never changes is boring to your customers and Google knows this. A website redesign is a great opportunity to make your business website easier to keep fresh. A good website redesign will make it easier for your in house marketing people to keep updating your website with new products or services, or new applications for your popular sellers.

Better Long Term Support

Completing a business website redesign based on WordPress also means there will be better long term support for the platform. WordPress being the most popular website design platform means there will be good support for future developments and plugins. This means your investment in a WordPress based website redesign will last further into the future. The flexibility of the WordPress platform means changes to the functions, features or design of your business website in the future will cost less to implement.

More Secure

Attacks on websites are major threat to businesses, their reputation and profit. Many existing websites don't meet the current minimum standard for what is considered a secure website. Increasing Google is actively warning users about insecure websites and demoting such websites in the Google Search results. Even if a business isn't actually hacked, they will suffer from not keeping their website up to date and secure.

Gold Coast Website Redesign

Gold Coast Website Redesign - Why Experience Matters

Our company has been involved in website design for over 15 years. Indeed our principle website designer, Craig Fryer, worked on business website designs as far back as 1996. Over these years our business has completed many business website redesigns from the small to the very large. Through this body of work we have found many of the pitfalls, including many, according to statements made by Google, aren't supposed to occur. Through these experiences we have learnt many lessons, so you don't have to.