Telstra Air Speeds

Telstra Air Speeds vary greatly depending what type of Telstra Air WiFi hotspot you are connecting to, how many other people are using that particular hotspot, what you are using to connect to the hotspot with and in some case, where it is located. There are around 900,000 Telstra Air WiFi hotspots across Australia. There are three main types of Telstra Air WiFi Hotspots with the speeds varying greatly between the different types.

Telstra Air Speeds

Telstra Air Speeds

Telstra Air Speeds – Pink Payphones

The most well known Telstra Air WiFi hotspots are the Telstra public phones with a pink top on them that are seen in popular tourist areas including major cities. Typical Telstra Air Speeds from the Pink Payphones is 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. The stunning exceptions are the ones along Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast where we have obtained 25Mbps down and 31Mbps up. Higher speeds should be available from these particular Telstra Air hotspots as these results were obtained during the day when there would have been many users online.

Telstra Air Speeds – Telstra Stores

These can vary greatly. Outside the Telstra store at Pacific Fair Broadbeach on the Gold Coast we obtained 33Mbps down and 48Mbps up. This compares well to the 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up outside the Telstra store Stockland Burleigh Heads Shopping Centre. Similar speeds were obtained at the Telstra store The Pines Elanora. Users have reported speeds as high 210Mbps down and 170Mbps up at other Telstra stores in the region. This very impressive result was from the Telstra store Westfield Chermside.

Telstra Air Speeds – Domestic WiFi Hotspots

Many residential Telstra fixed line broadband customers have Telstra Air WiFi hotspots in their homes. This allows visitors and people walking past in the street to access the Telstra Air Network without impacting on the residential customer’s quota. The system is also designed to have limited impact on the speeds obtained by the residential customer when using their home network. As a result only one Telstra Air user at a time can connect to these hotspots and the speeds are limited to a maximum of 2Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

Maximise Telstra Air Speeds

To obtain the best possible Telstra Air Speeds you need to be relatively close to the hotspot. While the range of these WiFi hotspots is normally going to be 30 to 50m, being closer can help. To obtain the very high speeds you will need a device that supports the higher speeds. Generally this will mean one of the more recent high end smartphones or tablets. Generally this will also be the case with laptops, but it is not always the case. The key specification is the support for 802.11ac WiFi with at least AC750 and higher. Of course devices with lower WiFi specifications will work, but not at the highest speeds possible.

What is the best Telstra Air Speeds you have obtained?

Lets know in the comments below. Include the location and date.

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