SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design with over 15 years experience. Our web designs are focused on SEO from the very beginning. Our web design philosophy includes the best SEO Web Design Strategy to suit your business. From the very beginning we start using the SEO web design philosophy. In partnership with you, we develop a unique SEO Strategy to suit your business. Throughout the whole web design process were are always focused on SEO factors to improve the overall SEO performance of your new web design.

SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design Philosophy

For many businesses and their web designers, SEO is an after thought. The focus is on making a pretty web site. To then re-work the web design to perform well in the major search engines requires considerable work. Even after all the effort is made to improve a web site's SEO performance it will be a compromise. Many SEO factors need to be in place at the planning stages of web design. For this reason we have followed the SEO Web Design philosophy for more than 10 years.

Your Business

First we need to understand your business, your market and your objectives. For established businesses with an existing website that want a website redesign the process is different to a newly established business. Existing websites can provide a wealth of statistics to assist with the planning of a new SEO Web Design. For new businesses we use our experience to model expected target markets, while allowing great flexibility in the design as the new business evolves.

Keyword Research

After identifying your most important products or services, we then find the best keywords to match. This includes the broader long tail keywords or phrases used in searches for your products or services. These are excellent drivers of buyers to your site as they are much easier to rank well in the search engines. For an existing website, detailed analysis of the statistics are used to enhance the keyword research process.

Keyword Targeting

As part of the SEO Web Design philosophy keyword research is used to plan the structure of the new web design. Critical keywords are used in the structure of the URLs used for categories or sections of website. Keywords are then targeted by creating quality content on pages that will drive buyers to your website. In addition a plan for future additional pages with targeted content is made. These additional pages target the long tail keywords.

Website Speed

Having a fast website has always been important. Now speed is key part of SEO Web Design philosophy. Google now determines a webpage's rank based on how quickly the page loads. Users will also give up on websites that don't load quickly. Google uses the rate of abandoned pages as another ranking factor. There are many factors that determine the speed of a webpage. Taking account of these website speed factors from the start eliminates additional work later or unnecessarily expensive hosting plans in an attempt to compensate.

Mobile First

The Mobile First philosophy of web design is where the scope, content and layout of a page considers what is optimal for viewing on a mobile phone. Tablet and desktop views are then based on this using responsive design. Given more Australians access websites via their mobile phone, the Mobile First philosophy is very important. The Mobile First philosophy is a key part of the SEO Web Design philosophy. Google uses the ability of a web page to function well on a mobile phone as a search ranking factor.

Local SEO

If your business is targeting customers in your local area, then Local SEO is really important. Google Local Search results are included in Google Maps and near the top of most search pages. Local SEO is different to standard SEO. Local SEO requires a different focus to that used for standard SEO. Local SEO can make a major difference to your business.

SEO Web Design Gold Coast - Why Experience Matters

Our company has been involved in SEO Web Design for over 15 years. Through those years of experience our company has seen how important it is to do things right the first time. Poor research, planning or communication can lead to mistakes that require work to be repeated. When it comes to SEO, these matters are critical. Failure to do comprehensive keyword research can lead to expensive advertising campaigns and lost opportunities. Failure to take into account SEO in the design process leads to work needing to be redone or websites largely rebuilt.


If your business is based on the Gold Coast or northern rivers area of NSW then I will come to your office to provide you with a free 30 minute consultation. This is genuine offer and not a sales presentation. In this consultation I will provide you with assistance in planning your business website. I will also explain how your new web site fits into a comprehensive planned online marketing campaign. This session will benefit you greatly.