SEO Gold Coast

SEO Gold Coast: With over 15 years SEO experience, we know SEO. We can create the best SEO Strategy to suit your business. We can improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your existing website, complete a website redesign or design a SEO focused website when none existing. In partnership with you, we can develop a SEO Strategy that will set your business up for a sustainable and continuously improving search performance. Let us apply our analytical skills, experience and SEO knowledge to improve your business website marketing. We know how to obtain the best long term SEO for Gold Coast websites.

SEO Gold Coast

SEO Gold Coast Services

The most important factor in our SEO services is you and your business. Only by understanding your business can we create the best SEO Strategy for your business. Once we understand your objectives, and marketing campaigns we can see the vision for your business. Then we can analyse your website performance and SEO history. Your business is unique, so we then develop a unique SEO Strategy and plan for your business.

SEO Review & Analysis

We review your company's current SEO performance. Ensure that search engine and social media statistical data is being captured correctly. Ensure your company website has no major issues that could be impacting on SEO performance.

Keyword Research

After identifying your most important products or services, we then find the best keywords to match. This includes the broader long tail keywords or phrases used in searches for your products or services. These are excellent drivers of buyers to your site that are much easier to rank well in the search engines.

Keyword Targeting

We re-write your existing website content to better target keywords. Through improved search friendly copy writing these existing pages will rank higher in the search engines. We create additional search engine friendly content to target keywords that were identified through keyword research.

Website Speed

Website speed is now a major factor in SEO. Google now determines a webpage's rank based on how quickly the page loads. Users will also give up on websites that don't load quickly and Google uses this as another ranking factor. There are many factors that determine the speed of a webpage. We can make significant improvements to a website's speed.

Fresh Targeted Content

Having new fresh content on your website is important for keeping existing customers interested. Google knows this and uses it as a rank determining factor. By continuously posting new targeted content your website can better target keywords or long tail keywords. This fresh content is used as part of your Social Media marketing to drive further targeted traffic to your site.

Local SEO

If your business is targeting customers in your local area, then Local SEO is really important. Google Local Search results are included in Google Maps and near the top of most search pages. Local SEO is different to standard SEO. Local SEO requires a different focus to that used for standard SEO. Local SEO can make a major difference to your business.

Link Building

Link building remains an important part of SEO. In the past many businesses just went for quantity, not quality. Today Google is only interested in targeted links. That is links not just from a topic related website, but also from a page with a topic that is related. Of course the website providing the link has to be a well ranking site or the link is of little value. Obtaining these links is not easy, but our techniques improve the success rate significantly.

Social Media SEO

Google doesn't care how many people saw your Facebook or Instagram post. Directly it has no impact on your search results in Google. A popular social media post should drive traffic to your site. A well crafted social media post should even drive well targeted potential customers. Where the social media SEO bonus comes is with people posting links on related websites directly to your website. These hard to obtain links are very valuable.

SEO Reporting

With any project in your business you need to know how well it is preforming. From the start we will produce valuable SEO reports that are easy to understand. We can present your data in many ways to suit you. Depending on the nature of your SEO campaign we will produce weekly, fortnightly or monthly reports. Daily reports are statistically insignificant and can confuse the situation. Only sites with very high volumes should use weekly reports.

SEO Gold Coast - Why Experience Matters

Our company has been involved in SEO for over 15 years. Indeed when we started providing SEO services, Google was only a minor player in the search industry.


If your business is based on the Gold Coast or northern rivers area of NSW then I will come to your office to provide you with a free 30 minute consultation. This is genuine offer and not a sales presentation. In this consultation I will provide you with assistance in assessing and planning your website SEO. I will also explain how your business website's SEO fits into a comprehensive planned online marketing campaign. This session will benefit you greatly.


Gold Coast SEO Myths

SEO is really important to a business's success. Achieving above average SEO results is difficult. Google uses around 200 criteria to determine positions in their search results and most of these criteria are unknown or specifically poorly defined. This makes it very difficult for a business to do SEO in house. It also makes it difficult for a business to assess the quality of an SEO services provider. This situation has attracted some undesirable operators in search of a quick dollar. The authorities have caught a few of these undesirable operators, but many more slip away taking clients money with them.

Guaranteed Number One On Google

A promise many SEO companies make and it sure sounds impressive. Scratch a little deeper and the reality is quite different. The only way your website can be Number One On Google is by paying for the spot! At best, in a competitive market, your website can only be 5th on Google Search Desktop and 4th on mobile for unpaid listing. All the positions above are advertising listings.