Gold Coast Web Site Marketing

Quality Gold Coast web site marketing is all about driving buyers to your business web site, not just clickers. Drive targeted customers to your web site for more profit. With over 15 years experience we can improve your Gold Coast Web Site Marketing. We offer a range of web site marketing services including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google Adwords, Social Media, Email and Return on Investment Analysis. Our web site marketing services can be combined for a complete online marketing campaign or we can provide assistance in just one field. We can work with your existing web designer or in many cases provide ongoing web site development services.

Gold Coast Web Site Marketing

Gold Coast Web Site Marketing Services

Here are some of the key Gold Coast web site marketing services that we offer to businesses on the Gold Coast.

Website Design

For businesses without an existing website. Our professional website design service ensures that your business website will present and perform well on the critical mobile phone user segment. Our websites designs focus on the critical SEO from the very beginning.

Website Redesign

For businesses with an existing website. Our Website Redesign takes advantage of your existing website traffic to build a new professional website that supports mobile phones, features improved SEO, is more secure. Our website redesign service can bring new features to your website and make it easier for customer interaction on social media platforms. Our designs make it easier to keep your website up to date and looking fresh.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) still remains one of the most cost effective long term marketing methods. We can determining the most valuable keywords, and importantly, the long tail keywords that your business should be targeting. Based on this existing web pages can be modified to better target the keywords. New web pages can be developed to target the additional keywords we have identified.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is seen as a bit outdated these days. However email marketing is far more reliably at reaching your existing customers than social media. Social media, like Facebook, only allows you to reach a few percent of your followers. If you want to reach more of them, then you have to pay. Email marketing, when done well, remains a very effective way to reach your existing customers and generate repeat sales.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a very powerful advertising platform with amazing reach. However using the default Google Adwords settings leads to unwanted clicks. These unwanted or poorly targeted clicks can quickly destroy your advertising budget. We can greatly improve the cost effectiveness of your Google Adwords campaigns. We can enhance your keyword targeting, enhance your advert designs and improve your landing pages.

Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus can be a great way to stay in contact and interact with your existing customer. Social media can attract new customers to your business.  However the days of simple set and forget social media campaigns are gone. We can lift the response to your social media through better crafting and targeting of posts. We can use deeper interaction on social media to drive your campaigns and profile further.

Web Site Speed

A slow web site is a considerable problem on many levels. A slow web site can undo much of your web site marketing efforts. At the most obvious level, users will just give up on sites that are too slow. Even half of one second in load time can impact on your sales. The problem of a slow web site is much more than this. Google rank web site based on how fast they load and how many customer give up on a site. A slow web site even impacts on the cost of your Google Adwords campaigns.

Content Creation

Effective SEO, email and social media campaigns all rely on a steady stream of new content. If you don't have an in house marketing department then we can create this new content for you. New content can feature a new product or service. Alternatively it could be about a new way to use  one of your popular products or services. There are so many topic that you might just think are obvious or take for granted that will interest your customers and generate sales.

Statistics & Analysis

Without good marketing statistics you can't really know what is working in your marketing campaigns. We can ensure that your web site is generating and capturing all the relevant statistics. We can then analyse these statistics to tie them into your SEO, social media and advertising campaigns. We can combine your sales data with web site, SEO, social media and advertising campaigns to ensure a continual improvement in performance. We will present this information in a format that is easy for you to understand.

Gold Coast Web Site Marketing - Why Experience Matters

When you have operated an internet and web site marketing company as long as we have you gain a longer term prospective. Through some hard lessons we have learnt to be flexible, focus on the key targets. By taking advantage of our experience means you don't won't repeat the same mistakes and missed opportunities. We know our experience gives us a major advantage when it comes to sustainable Gold Coast web site marketing.

We have been designing, developing, operating and marketing web sites since Google Search was only a minor player. In that time the market has changed. From a time when only a few people used the internet for shopping, booking and research, to a time when the internet is a dominate player. Today of course the market is dominated by mobile devices and this tread will continue. How the world has changed.

Gold Coast Web Site Marketing