Gold Coast Web Site Design

Gold Coast Web Site Design for sites that Really Sell! We can assist Gold Coast businesses wanting to update their existing web site or create one for a new business. Our 15 years experience gives us the edge when it comes to Gold Coast Web Site Design. Our Gold Coast web site designs are flexible, expandable and affordable. We use industry standard platforms and document our work. This dramatically reduces the cost of adding new functions as your business expands or you budget allows. All our web site designs work on mobile phones to ensure your web site caters to all your customers.

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Gold Coast Web Site Design

SEO Web Site Design

We believe strongly in the SEO Web Site Design philosophy. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the key to good web site marketing. SEO is the most cost effective form of web site marketing. The SEO Web Site Design philosophy considers SEO at every step of the way. Taking the typical path of SEO after a web site design is finished wastes your money. Failure to follow the SEO Web Site Design philosophy means additional that could have been done right the first time.

Mobile First Web Design

Today it is critically important for a Gold Coast business web site design to operate well on mobile devices, particularly phones. More people in Australia access web sites via their mobile phone, than desktop or laptop computer. The trend towards mobile web site is continuing. Google recommends that web sites use a responsive design. That is, one web site design that automatically responds to the user's screen size and resolution to provide the most appropriate presentation.

Fast Web Sites

Slow web sites lose customers fast! No matter how fast a server or host is, a poor web site design can lead to slow page loads. Having a fast web site design is particularly critical for the largest and fastest growing customer base, mobile phone users. Our Gold Coast web site designs are fast. A web site design that is designed to be fast makes hosting more affordable. The same or better performance can be obtained for a lower hosting cost.

Affordable Web Site

An affordable web site design isn't just the initial "sticker" price. An affordable web site is the total cost over years and the return the web site generates for you. There is little point in having cheap web site design if you have to spend much more on SEO or advertising after it is completed. A web site design is less affordable if the cost of the additional features you want to add later cost far more than could have. An affordable web site design is a well planned, well documented, easily expandable and has SEO built in from the beginning.

Fresh Content

Google ranks websites not just on their content, but how fresh the content is. Content that never changes is boring to your customers and Google knows this. Our web site designs are easy for you and your team to keep fresh. Our designs make it easy for you or your team to update existing pages and add new pages. It is critical for your marketing to keep your customers engaged with fresh ideas. Many web site designs and systems are difficult for the owner to use or keep fresh. The result is a stale web site or unnecessary additional costs for the owner.

Secure Web Site Design

Attacks on websites are major threat to businesses, their reputation and profit. Many existing websites don't meet the current minimum standard for what is considered a secure website. Increasing Google is actively warning users about insecure websites and demoting such websites in the Google Search results. Even if a business isn't actually hacked, they will suffer from not keeping their website up to date and secure. Our web site designs make it easy to apply the latest security updates yourself. Alternatively we can provide this service for you.

Gold Coast Web Site Design - Why Experience Matters

Our company has been doing web site design for over 15 years. Through those years of experience our company has seen how important it is to do things right the first time. Poor planning or communication can lead to mistakes that require work to be repeated. Avoiding these errors is just one way we ensure we produce professional and more affordable web designs for our clients.


If your business is based on the Gold Coast or northern rivers area of NSW then I will come to your office to provide you with a free 30 minute consultation. This is genuine offer and not a sales presentation. In this consultation I will provide you with assistance in planning your business website. I will also explain how your new web site fits into a comprehensive planned online marketing campaign. This session will benefit you greatly.