WiFi Problems on Gold Coast Fixed Fast

WiFi problems Gold Coast

WiFi connections are essential these days. WiFi problems on the Gold Coast Fixed Fast by our experienced and friendly team. For business and home users.

When your business or home WiFi doesn’t work properly it is very frustrating. For Gold Coast businesses it can mean the loss of productivity and money.

Top Gold Coast WiFi Problems

  1. Weak Wi Fi Signal
    Usaually this results in a slow connection, buffering (pausing) videos like Netflix and Youtube and even pages timing out. Not only is this very frustrating, it drains the battery of most devices more quickly.
  2. Good WiFi Signal, but Slow Connection
    This is a far more common situation than you might expect.

Mi Tech Support can solve problems with weak, slow or no WiFi signal in parts of your business or home.

We can create a guest network for visitors to your home or business. Guests then don't obtain access to your full network and don't use the same password. We can provide advice on securing your WiFi network and restricting the use.