How to Fix Slow Internet on Gold Coast

Slow Internet Gold Coast

Slow internet on the Gold Coast is all too common. Slow internet is frustrating for home users, but slow internet on the Gold Coast is crippling many businesses. If you think the NBN will solve slow internet connections, then you're going to be disappointed.

What is Causing Slow Internet on the Gold Coast?

There are many reasons for having a slow internet connection. Some causes are within your business or home. While other causes are external such as infrastructure or your ISP. Below are step by step instructions for finding what is causing your slow internet connection. If you have a more complicated network setup or would feel more comfortable if an experience technician conducted the test, then we can help you.

Slow Internet - Internal or External?

You need to conduct these tests when the external internet isn't busy. This means avoiding the peak internet times from 4pm to midnight on weekdays and most school holidays.

Ideally you need to do these tests when nobody or nothing else is using your internet connection. Within your own network devices can be using the internet, even when you don't think that they are. Phones, tablets, games consoles and notebooks are designed to use the internet for updates and backups to the cloud when you aren't using them. This means they can appear to be a sleep, but are actually using the internet. Sometimes they use your internet connection so heavily, they alone can slow your internet connection. For this test we need to disconnect all other devices from the network, except one computer that can be connected via cable directly to your modem/router. On some modem routers you can simply turn off the Wi Fi and unplug the other devices. If this isn't an option then you can either shut down (turn off, not just put to sleep) the device completely or turn off WiFi on the device itself.

On the computer you have connected via cable directly to the modem router, go to the Speedtest web site. There you will be offered a range of servers to connect to. If available, use the one from your ISP. It is likely to be in Brisbane. If your ISP isn't listed, then test a few to see which provides the fastest result. Note the results down, including the time and date conducted.

If there is a particular application or task that is frequently slow on your internet connection, try using it now. Ideally do this on the computer connected directly to the modem router via a cable.

Professional Help

Gold Coast internet options vary dramatically. Not just between suburbs, but even within a street. Mi Tech Support can provide you with a detailed individual assessment of the internet options for your situation and budget. We can provide this assessment service for $98 including GST for households and $220 excluding GST for businesses (there are a greater range of options available to businesses).

Be aware that sometimes your internet connection can be slowed down by issues within your own network. A particularly common problem which surfaced recently is one or more devices uploading or backing up to the cloud and without controls in place this slows or stops downloads. This is one of the additional issues we consider as part of your internet assessment. Yes, we can help control the backing up to the cloud without even changing your internet connection.