Slow WiFi Gold Coast

Slow WiFi Gold Coast: A common and frustrating problem. Many business and home networks suffer from a slow WiFi connection. Slow WiFi can lead to buffering of videos, slow to load web pages or websites that won't load at all. Mi Tech Support can quickly diagnose the cause of slow WiFi and has a range of solutions to solve the problem. Mi Tech Support fixes Slow WiFi on the Gold Coast including Burleigh Heads, Reedy Creek, Palm Beach, Elanora, Tallebudgera, Currumbin, Currumbin Valley and Tugun.

Fix Slow WiFi Gold Coast

WiFi connections are essential these days. When your business or home WiFi is slow it is very frustrating. For Gold Coast businesses it can mean the loss of productivity and money. At home it can mean childrens home work can't be completed or an evening of frustration instead of relaxation and enjoyment.

What Causes Slow WiFi

A slow WiFi connection is one of the top networking problems that we see. There can be many causes of a slow WiFi connection.

Symptom: Weak Wifi Signal

If your smartphone or notebook is only showing one bar of WiFi signal then this typically means a weak signal. Often this is caused by being too far from the WiFi router.

Another cause can be something obstructing the WiFi signal. This can be a wall, but may also be a refrigerator, oven or mirror. In the case of the refrigerator, oven or mirror there can sometimes be the option to relocate your WiFi router to another location to allow the signal to avoid the obstruction. Clearly in the case of a wall this is not possible. In many cases an additional WiFi Access Point (AP) is required or a dedicated business grade WiFi Access Point (AP) that is better located. WiFi repeaters or extenders should be avoided and only used as a last resort.


Symptom: Good WiFi Signal, but Slow WiFi Connection

When your WiFi signal looks good and you still have a slow WiFi connection there can be many causes. If you connect via Ethernet cable to your router and the speeds are good, then it would appear your WiFi has a problem. These situation typically require an onsite visit. Common causes are:

  • Too many WiFi devices on the WiFi router.
  • WiFi router not sharing the connection properly.
  • Too many WiFi networks (common in apartments).