Fastest Gold Coast WiFi

Where is the Fastest Gold Coast WiFi? Where is the best Free Gold Coast WiFi or at least really cheap? List of the Fastest Gold Coast WiFi that are available to the public and have very large quotas. Often you need access to a fast internet connection while traveling for uploading many pictures or video. The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s top tourist destinations, so there are sure to be many people who are in need of fast WiFi. Sure 4G can be fast, but it can be expensive for moving large amounts of data.

Fastest Gold Coast WiFi

Fastest Gold Coast WiFi Criteria

What is a fast WiFi or internet connection? We think it has to be at least 25Mbps or better. We think it should be fast for both downloading and uploading. This of course rules out most of the cafes and restaurants that offer free WiFi on the Gold Coast. However the future looks good in this regard. The NBN has finally started to be rolled out on the Gold Coast, so there is the potential for our list of the Fastest Gold Coast WiFi hotspots to grow rapidly. The mayor of the City of Gold Coast, Tom Tate, has also announced they will provide Free Fast WiFi along the Gold Coast light rail route. There appears to no official announcement regarding this. At this stage it is sounding really good, but we will have to wait and see. All being well this new Fast WiFi will be active by the time of 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Surfers Paradise
4 Cavill AveTelstra Air
▼ > 90Mbps
▲ > 130Mbps
3 Cavill AveTelstra Air
▼ > 90Mbps
▲ > 130Mbps
2 Orchid AveTelstra Air
▼ > 90Mbps
▲ > 130Mbps
26 Cavill Ave Telstra Air
▼ > 90Mbps
▲ > 130Mbps
3206 Surfers Paradise BlvdTelstra Air
▼ > 90Mbps
▲ > 130Mbps
Telstra Store Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Telstra Air
▼ > 33Mbps
▲ > 48Mbps
South Port
Corner Garden and Lawson Streets
City of Gold Coast Library
▼ > 10Mbps
▲ > 30Mbps
▼ Download speed, ▲ Upload speed, > Greater than

How to access the Telstra Air Network for free or just $2.

Potential Fastest Gold Coast WiFi Locations

There are sure to be more fast WiFi locations on the Gold Coast. We have heard of some more, but have not been able to confirm these yet.

Some of the City of Gold Coast Libraries are said to have fast WiFi. Access to these connections are subject to being a member of the library, so you need to check if you qualify. We know for sure that Elanora Library does not have fast WiFi.

More Telstra Stores could have fast WiFi via the Telstra Air Network. We know for sure that The Pines Telstra Store and the Telstra Store at Stocklands Burleigh do not have fast WiFi.

Fastest Gold Coast WiFi: What You Found

Have you found more fast WiFi locations on the Gold Coast? Tell us about it so we can add it to the list. Please do a speed test, so we can record the approximate performance.

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