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Best Business Directories for Australian Local Search is a qualified and ranked list of the best Business Directories for local search engine optimisation. If your business services local customers, then Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is critical to your internet marketing strategy. One of the key indicators that Google uses for local search is references to your business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP). Ideally this NAP information should be from reputable sources, placed within geographic region and with similar businesses. The easiest way to achieve this is via submission to quality business directories.

Business Directories for Australian Local Search

Use Business Directories to enhance your local search

Criteria For Selecting Australian Business Directories

There seems to be hundreds of Australian business directories to be found online, so we needed some criteria to determine the best ones to use for enhanced SEO. The following are the criteria we used to determine which business directories to include in our best list.

  • Directory had to be working.
    Some directories we found weren’t working or were no longer accepting new listings.
  • Preference for Australian based directories.
    After all we are trying to promote local search, so international directories normally won’t be so useful.
  • High Domain Authority or Alexa ranking.
    There are many criteria for determining the importance of an online directory and how much value might flow from listing in the directory might have. These two criteria seem to be two of the better guides.
  • Listing had to be free.
    Some directories recommended in other lists required payment, reciprocal links or code placed on your site including one that Google would most likely have been considered link spam!
  • Had to accept most Australian businesses.
    This is why we have excluded many sites that provide quoting services to businesses.
  • Provided a useful link to your web site.
    The link had to be recognised in the Google Search Console.

Best Business Directories for Australian Local Search

Google My Business

Best Way to Submit to Australian Business Directories

There are some very important factors that Google looks for when searching business directories. Failure in these factors can result in a negative outcome.

Consistency in Business Name, Address and Phone Number

It is vital that these remain consistent, otherwise Google will not match the listing correctly with your business or worse consider it a mismatch. Google is looking for reliable information about your business. For it to be reliable, it must also be consistent. If you change your business name, address or phone number, you MUST make sure all possible listing are updated. For most business directories this is easy, but some can be difficult. This is particularly the case for directories that have scraped the information off other sites to include in their directory. It is also important to ensure that your phone number is not showing up for another or old business. In most cases this shouldn’t be a problem, but it is worth checking all the same.

How Many Business Directories Should You Submit To?

The answer here depends on how competitive your market is in local search. The more competitive, the more business directories should be submitted to. However there is only so much local SEO benefit that can be obtained for business directories. Submitting to business directories should only be seen as one part of your local SEO strategy. Obviously the top 5 on this list are the most important. I also doubt that there would be any benefit from submitting to more than 20 business directories.

More Australian Business Directories

In this section we have mostly Australian local directories that haven’t provided a link back to our test website that has been recognised by Google in their Search Console. It is possible that some of the directories listed here will be moved into the Best Business Directories for Australian Local Search when the link become recognised. (also known as

Australian Business Directories We Rejected

My inspiration for writing this article was the number of Australian Business Directory lists I had found that were suggesting business directories that were either not working, required payment, required reciprocal link or wouldn’t have suited all businesses. – no free listing – required reciprocal link or payment – no free listing – no free listing (only $5) – not working – no submission page – not working – registration couldn’t be completed – no free listing (only $4.95) – not working – website down – not working – website down – free listing does not include link – free listing does not include link – no longer a business directory

Of the Australian Business directories listed above, one of paid listings,, is probably worth paying for the listing if you are going to submit to 20 directories. If you are only going to submit to 10 directories, then it wouldn’t be in the top ten.

Gold Coast Business Directories

Being listed in a geographically based business directory is far more beneficial than a business directory’s Domain Authority, Alexa Rank or Moz Rank might suggest. Geographically based business directories can provide very strong SEO indications to Google because they are focused around the one topic or region. However it probably only worth listing a few.

Don’t Agree With Our List?

Do you think there are some Australian Business Directories that should be here? What has been your experience with submitting to Australian Business Directories? Leave you comments down below.

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