About Mi Tech Support

Mi Tech Support is a business name of Mi Marketing Pty Ltd. For over 16 years Mi Marketing has been designing and marketing business websites for clients and its own website properties. These websites having included client websites with ecommerce/shopping cart systems. Several client websites produced were bilingual (English & Japanese).

Mi Marketing has designed, marketed and managed a range of tourism websites that it owned. These included some Japanese language websites including a guide to Australia and hotel booking site for locations in Europe.


The largest, longest lasting and most successful website property produced and owned by Mi Marketing is GoJapanGo.com. GoJapanGo.com was initially named JapaneseLifestyle.com.au. This website was started in 2001. Due to changes in the market and Google search systems, this website isn’t as popular as it once was. For a significant period it held the number one unpaid (organic) in the USA and Australia for “Tokyo Hotels”. At its peak, GoJapanGo.com was receiving between 200,000 to 300,000 visitors per month just from Google image search. GoJapanGo.com features over 10,000 pictures taken and owned by Mi Marketing. The site features over 2,000 tourist attractions, many sample itinerary and detailed articles. GoJapanGo.com provides the facility for users to book hotels, accommodation and tours.

Computer Support

Mi Tech Support principle Craig Fryer has over 25 years IT experience, with a reputation for speaking about technology and computers with customers based on their understanding and experience.

Craig has worked extensively with a wide range of computers and mobile device platforms.

Craig’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne, with units in Computer Science, Microprocessor Design, Mathematics, Digital Circuits and Electronics.